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Moving to another state?

Doing interstate move or moving more than 100 miles within the same state is considered a long-distance move and is priced somewhat differently than a local move. Cost is based upon both the distance and the official weight of your household goods. Naturally, there really isn't any way that most people can know how much all their property weighs, but long distance movers will give you an estimate based upon the information you provide.

Other factors that will affect your total cost will include whether or not the long distance movers do your packing; the extra time involved if the moving van cannot be unloaded close to your home's entrance, flights of stairs, elevators, how much insured valuation you place on your property and also whether or not you need to offload and store your possessions in a local warehouse facility until you’re ready to have them delivered. The latter can add a significant extra cost to your moving total.

Know how long distance moving goes

Your long distance move certainly represents a major event. And if you have never done it before, the entire process can be puzzling, complex and fraught with unknowns. Wherever you’re headed, Long Distance moving can be smoother, easier and less problematical if you understand the ground rules and prepare yourself and your family properly.
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