Long Distance Movers In Edmonton

Going to move out of Edmonton, Alberta? On look for the best and economical long distance movers in Edmonton? Finding movers was never as easy. The only thing you need to do is to fill out an easy and quick form, available on the right, and in no time we will get back to you with free, no-obligation quotes from the top, long distance movers in Edmonton.

You need to take it to heart that for a smooth transition, a reputed moving company and proper planning are indispensable.

To help make your transition as smooth as possible, we provide here you with some tips to plan your move.

Long Distance Movers

Finalize the moving company

No less than three months in advance, you should start looking for a long distance moving company. It is not difficult to get quotes from different long distance movers in Edmonton. Therefore it is advisable, to compare quotes from at least 3-4 moving companies to find the best deal for you. If you do not do this in advance, you might fail to get movers of your choice; as they might already be booked. After all, everyone wants to go for the best one.

Create a moving checklist

It is wise to create a moving checklist. This helps to keep a track of your expenses and moving costs. This would also help to identify ways to save money.

Inform your post-office and land-lord

Most of the rental companies require you to give 3 month prior notice. So give notice to your Rental Company or land-lord 3 months before your moving date.

Also inform your post-office and other utilities companies about your change of address at least two months in advance.

Transfer your bank accounts

Do not forget to talk to your bank to make necessary arrangements, for moving your account to a new bank or branch at your new location.

Long Distance Movers

Order packing supplies

Start packing as early as possible. Order the moving supplies on time. Packing supplies generally include boxes of different sizes, and/or packing tape, Magic markers, box-cutter, bubble-wraps, Labels, and plastic bags.

You can get these supplies from your movers. Alternatively, they can be also ordered online, or bought from one of the many moving supplies companies.

Start Packing

The sooner you start with packing, the better. Pack one room at a time and start packing with the things which are nonessential at the moment. Finish with a minimum of three- four boxes every day.

Also remember to mark the boxes for their content to avoid any confusion or stress during unpacking…

Take special care with inflammable objects. They tend to explode when subjected to large variations in temperatures.

Long Distance Movers

Hereby, we hope the given tips would assist you with your moving and packing. We wish you an extremely smooth transition. Do not forget to fill in the free quotes form on the right, to get the no-obligation, free quotes from the top, long distance movers in Edmonton.

Bon Voyage!