Long Distance Movers In Winnipeg

Going to make a move soon? Looking for long distance movers in Winnipeg? Just fill in a form on the right and we would get back to you with free, no-obligation quotes from top movers around. You would have an opportunity to choose amongst the best interstate moving companies in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada . This saves your time and a lot of energy, plus you can select a mover which best suits your need. Keep in mind – proper planning and a reputed moving company can make your move hassle-free.

Along with helping you get quotes from top movers around, we also try to help you with your moving, packing, storage information etc. Here, are some tips which might prove helpful for you:

Book your long distance movers in Winnipeg

Ideally, you should start two months ahead of your move. Do research on long distance movers in Winnipeg; select and fix the moving date. Booking in advance keeps the choices open. If done at the last moment, you might not be able to book a company of your choice, as it might already be booked.

File the change of address

Inform your post-office about your change of address, at least three to four weeks ahead of your long distance moving date. Also, inform your newspaper, utility companies and Cable Company. Equally crucial it is to make arrangement for shipping of your car, if you are not planning to drive. Transfer your bank accounts, as well. Order moving supplies

Order your moving supplies at least a month before you move. You can get them from your moving company or any other moving supply company. Some of the supplies you would need for moving are: Packing boxes, packing tape, scissors, box-cutter, bubble-role, Labels or marker, and plastic bags.

General Pointers

Start packing with non-essential things. Try to finish packing one room at a time. At least, finish two to three cartons in a day. Do not forget marking the boxes for their contents, and what room they belong to. Rule of thumb says heavier the item, smaller the box. The boxes, which contain fragile items, should me marked appropriately.

Packing key items

Moving sofa, mattresses, artwork etc require particular care. Ideally the sofa and mattresses should be wrapped in special covers, specially meant for them. You can also use several layers of plastic wrap to cover them. This insures protection from any scratches or whatsoever. Do not wrap artwork in newsprint, instead use clean paper packing.

Take exceptional care in handling flammable items, as changes in temperature can cause them to leak or explode.

The moving day

Be at home, when the representative from moving company is expected. Make sure everything is packed and ready to be loaded. Check the entire inventory before signing off the paper.

Moving is overwhelming, but your transition would surely turn out to be smooth enough, if some planning and organization goes in. Above tips would surely assist you, giving you an overall idea about the line of planning.

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